Checklists and support to help navigate big life moments

What you need to know at tax time

If you’ve earned an income over the past year, you’ll need to complete a tax return.

A checklist for your finances after separation or divorce

How to get your money in order when a relationship ends.

Creating a budget after losing a job

Making a plan can help you navigate uncertainty after losing a job.

Money guide for dealing with illness

If you’re dealing with illness, these steps can make managing money simpler.

Can your super help you buy a home?

Looks at the First Home Super Saver Scheme to see if it could help you save.

Preparing to buy your first property

Buying your first property is a big decision, see some of the steps in the process.

Returning to work after having a baby

Taken time off to start a family? Look at ways to reorganise your finances.

A money guide for expecting parents

What to expect when you’re expecting and how to navigate this stage financially. 

Talking about money with your partner

Money conversations may feel daunting, here's how to get started.

A money guide to moving out of home

Moving out of home is exciting, see some of the new money decisions you'll make.

Money tips: Starting your first job

Starting your first job is a great opportunity to establish your money habits. 

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