A percentage of income available as it’s earned so workers can budget better and cover expenses.

Access at all times

Earnings can be withdrawn whenever they’re needed and should hit bank accounts instantly.

Closer control

Withdrawal limits can be set to prevent overspending and help stay within budget for the whole month.

Automatic bank transfers

Daily pay can be sent automatically, so there’s no hassle or temptation to withdraw more.

How Access helps financial wellbeing

Building budgets around lives, not pay cycles

One of the leading causes of financial shortfalls for workers is the timing mismatch between income and expenses, according to a 2020 report from EY. Aligning income with expenses means budgets are built around personal circumstances, rather than pay cycles.

Reduce financial stress and build financial resilience

With access to their money on their own terms, workers can cover costs as they go and cut the need to rely on credit. Reducing financial stress by being able to cover bills as and when they are due avoiding late fees and charges, as well as interest.

“I like it because it’s my money that I’ve earned and I don’t pay interest on it. It feels more like I’ve earned it – and I’m living within my means”

Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

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Money coach

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7.

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