Money coach

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7 to work through financial behaviours and setting goals.

1:1 confidential conversations

Employees can speak to experts to get help building healthy money habits or guidance about where to get help.

Clear action plans

After each session employees have clear action plans so they can complete their next steps with confidence.

Ongoing check-ins

Employees can check-in whenever they need to ask questions, report on progress and build new action plans.

How Money coach helps financial wellbeing

Increase confidence and ability

A trial by Citibank found people who initially didn’t feel they managed money well or were in control of their finances, believed otherwise after coaching (47% and 38% respectively). 54% more people saved and 55% reduced their debt.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No matter what time of day, our coaches are there to help set up budgets, understand savings strategies and look at different approaches to paying down debt. Coaches are also available if employees want to check back in, give an update on progress or ask any questions.

“That's been brilliant thanks. Hopefully the start of getting my finances sorted, making a budget and sticking to it!!!”

Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

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Make it easy for your employees to see how much they’ve earned in real-time.


Give your people instant access to earned wages when it suits them.


Help your staff build healthy money habits through bite-sized education.


Support your team in reaching their goals by saving faster.

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