Automated transfers so saving becomes second nature, helping employees reach their goals faster

No more saving leftovers

Money set aside at the start of every pay cycle.

Start small and build up

Ability to establish a savings habit and grow from there.

Reduce temptation to spend

Money automatically transferred so there’s less temptation to spend.

How Save helps financial wellbeing

A savings habit is the key to success

Saving is crucial to securing financial wellbeing. But setting money aside is hard and there are many behavioural reasons that explain why. Automating the process and reducing temptation to spend are the building blocks of a solid savings habit.

Making goals a reality

Many of us feel disconnected from our future selves, so we aren’t motivated to save for them. Setting clear goals and timelines in which these goals will be reached is proven to increase connection to saving and ultimately how much is saved.

Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

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Make it easy for your employees to see how much they’ve earned in real-time.


Give your people instant access to earned wages when it suits them.


Help your staff build healthy money habits through bite-sized education.

Money coach

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7.

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