Learn budgeting and saving skills

A fun place for employees to learn about money, with a financial fitness score and a personalised action plan.

Financial fitness quiz

Employees can get a clear picture of their financial fitness and areas to improve by answering five quick questions.

Personalised plan

After taking the financial fitness quiz, employees get a personalised fitness plan to take their money management to the next level.

Quick money insights

Easy to understand tips and steps that are always available to employees so they can build their understanding and confidence.

How Learn improves financial wellbeing

An interactive way to learn about money management and upskill

A staggering 85% of young adults wish they were taught more about money management in school and those that do receive financial education often find it boring and irrelevant. Learn is a way for people measure their financial fitness and then work on areas where they’re struggling or just looking to improve.

A clear and personalised plan with simple, actionable steps

Learn serves up relevant behavioural insights, as well as tips and tricks, to help people build better money habits. We know money can feel complicated, so we’ve stripped out the jargon with articles that can be read in under a minute. As people build better money habits they can continue checking their financial fitness to track their progress and see their new focus areas.

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Support your team in reaching their goals by saving faster.

Money coach

1:1 live chat money coach available to employees 24/7.

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