Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grow in real-time, so they can budget confidently and pick up extra shifts when needed.

Earnings updated in real-time

Employees can see exactly where they’re at in the pay cycle and how much has been earned at any point.

Monthly earning comparisons

Casual employees are able to compare earnings to previous months so they’re better placed to predict shortfalls.

A clear idea of daily pay

Earnings are broken down by day, meaning employees can better match their daily earning and spending.

How Track improves financial wellbeing

Engaging with money

When it comes to achieving financial goals, one of the biggest hurdles can be engaging with money. Track makes things simple by breaking pay down daily, so employees can easily compare earning and spending – as well as earnings from previous months. That’s why Track is the main reason six in 10 people use Wagestream.

No more financial guesswork

Casual workers don’t know how much they’ll be paid until they see the money in their bank account. This makes it hard to plan ahead and make smart spending decisions. The ability to track pay removes this barrier and offers an incentive for people to pick up more hours. That’s why we see a 26% increase in shift filling.

"It's rewarding to see that I was able to earn during the month, an actual self-esteem booster."

Offered by leading companies as their #1 employee benefit

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