Covid-19 Our Alleviation Solutions

In response to the outbreak of Covid-19 and to help organisations cope during this time of strain, Wagestream is releasing a number of features designed to ease financial difficulties and operational issues during the period of pandemic. We are committed to helping with all recruitment and hiring efforts where possible.

Company Contingency Communications

Communicate directly with colleagues through our mobile app push notifications and keep staff updated, in real-time, with Covid-19 contingency plans and company policies. Wagestream also monitors banking information and keeps colleagues informed and updated in relation to their accounts, to mitigate any unexpected changes with their finances.

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Automated Statutory Sick Payments

On March 12, the UK passed a new budget which announced changes to Statutory Sick Pay that require businesses to offer SSP from the first day of sick leave, not the fourth. Organisations working with Wagestream can now enable daily, automatic payments of SSP. In an effort to encourage self isolation where necessary, colleagues who are self-isolating will receive their daily share of SSP at 12.01am each night. All associated fees are waived for this service.

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Immediate payment of overtime

Any shift that has been logged as COVID-19 is eligible for enhanced payment limits. Staff who complete these types of shifts can access 80% of wages earned immediately upon completion of work. For organisations in healthcare, security and facilities that are dealing with unprecedented demand, this can help to encourage staff who are unaffected to take on the necessary shifts.

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Furloughed Staff Payment Support

Activate wage access to all registered furloughed colleagues, who can then access up to 50% of their ‘furloughed’ income. Employers will still need to submit information to the HMRC portal but will not need to wait until HMRC reimbursement before allowing furloughed staff to have access to their wages.

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Activate in 24 hours

If you are not already working with Wagestream but want to make use of this feature, or any other Wagestream features, you can now go live in under 24 hours under our new fast-track process. Click the button above if you want to find out more.