3 ways to boost morale in your team

Everybody needs a boost in morale sometimes and with the last 12 months being like to no other, dedicating your time to boosting the mood of your team can be beneficial in more ways than one.

1. Celebrate small victories

Celebrating the big wins is important, but celebrating the small wins is even more critical. In a time of crisis, we should definitely be celebrating the small wins, bringing the energy of these wins will invigorate your team and boost their morale. You can choose to do this on a team level or company-wide level, doing both would be even better especially if there’s something extra special to call out.

2. Tackle employee loneliness

Whether your team have been on furlough, working remotely or working through this pandemic, loneliness has affected each and every one of us this year. Although this may be more prevalent in office-based workers who moved to a remote-first working life, lots of other people might have felt lonely over the last few months. People may not have been able to see friends or family, might live alone or even had to isolate for a period of time.

Tackling employee loneliness starts at work and might mean placing greater emphasis on the relationships in your team. You could try organising set time where your team can catch up on non-work-related things, providing the time when your team can get together as friends and socialise can help boost morale and lift spirits. If you haven’t already, why not try a virtual tea break or an evening virtual social?

3. Focus on wellbeing 

Boosting morale means focusing on your employees’ wellbeing. Use Wagestream to support your teams’ financial wellbeing and encourage them to use the Track feature to see exactly how much they’re earning throughout the month, this can help them see in real-time the results of their work.