6 best comments about Wagestream of 2020 (so far)

January felt like a 74-week long month but we finally made it through. Despite the whole of Britain feeling blue at the start of 2020, some people still had some amazing things to say about Wagestream.

1. We hate the monthly pay cycle and some of you did too 📅.

2. Lots of you understood that sometimes we need to access our wages early to pay for unexpected bills.

3. Things got a little heated when some didn’t grasp the fact that we only give access to wages you’ve already earned. But that’s ok, we’re all still learning 🤓.

4. Lots of you noticed that we’re a hell of a lot better than loan companies 🦈. Which is obvious because we’re not a loan company and we never will be.  

5. Wagestream made your first month at a new job a lot easier.

6. The greatest accolade of all, Mark said we were the best thing since sliced bread 🍞.

We believe every worker across the globe should have financial resilience. We work with your employer to let you track your wages in real-time, stream the money you’ve already earned, learn easy tips to manage your money and save your wages straight from your salary.

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