7 tips for how to spend less this Christmas

Now more than ever, many of us may be looking at ways to save money this Christmas. After a rollercoaster year for our finances, we’ve got 7 ways you can save this Christmas, helping you build a buffer for 2021 and achieve better financial health.

1. Cut back on Christmas cards

Christmas cards are lovely to receive but not only are they an expense that adds up but they also bad for the environment. If you skip the Christmas cards this year, it can add to your savings. If you really want to go ahead try and hand-deliver all your cards so you can save on the hefty cost of postage.

2. Check out free local events

Enjoying what your local area has to offer is a great way to save money around the festive period. This year may look a little different because of social distancing but your town might have a Christmas parade or Santa’s grotto. See if this year they’re going virtual for an even cheaper Christmas activity!

3. The early bird catches the worm

Start Christmas shopping early. Whatever early means for you, whether it’s January, November or early December starting early means you have the luxury of time for shopping around, finding the best deals and not having to panic buy. If you’ve not been as organised as you’d hope this year, that’s ok, there’s always next year.

4. Smash the supermarket shop

Christmas shopping is a battle, there’s no denying it. Christmas is sold as a luxury holiday and a time for indulgence but that doesn’t mean you have to splash out on the most expensive food for the holiday. Money-Saving Experts Downshift Challenge is a great challenge to try this Christmas. Money-Saving Expert claims you could save a huge £1,500 over the course of the year, so why not see how much you could save this Christmas?

The downshift challenge means dropping one brand level lower on everything you buy, so if you usually buy Asda’s Extra Special range why not go for a normal branded option, or if you buy Tesco’s own baked beans why not try Tescos everyday value baked beans.

5. Try secret Santa

Secret Santa is an old favourite in the office but why should it stop there? This year you could try doing a secret Santa with your friends and family. Pull names out of a hat and buy one present instead of several for your loved ones. Also, buying presents this way could mean you get to spend more on that one person then you may have done before.

6. Do it yourself Christmas

If you want to give something personal and memorable, make it. Even if you’re not the most creative person in the family your loved ones will appreciate the thought and energy that’s gone into it. Whether it’s baking Christmas cookies or pulling together your favourite photos in a memory book, there’s plenty of thoughtful ideas for making your own Christmas gifts.

7. Save on shipping costs

Saving on shipping costs this Christmas can go a long way, the single cost might be small but totalled up they can be hefty.
Planning is key when it comes to ordering online if you’re going to do multiple orders on the same place or you spot something on the same sight someone else might like don’t hesitate to get them at the same time.