Announcing our partnership with Innovise

We thrilled to announce that Innovise, the world’s leading workforce management provider for guarding, facilities and support services has chosen to partner with Wagestream to provide income streaming to the industry.

With our powerful technology now combined, the partnership will help to revolutionise the way staff get paid and the way firms do business. The partnership will give guards, cleaning and support staff using the Timegate platform the ability to track and instantly withdraw a % the pay they’ve already earned, including 100% of overtime shifts, at any time during the month.

Innovise have decades of experience in supporting the security and facilities management industry to increase control, reduce costs and improve productivity.  By combining the Wagestream and Timgate solutions in an exclusive partnership, guards, cleaners and support service professionals will be able to access their wages as soon as they’re earned. The collaboration aims to bring greater financial empowerment to thousands of security and facilities workers and to solve fulfilment issues and improve standards within the industry, something that’s crucial during this period of uncertainty. 

Increasing fill rate for the industry with income streaming

Wagestream has a proven track record in increasing fill rate for firms by providing staff with access to a % of earned wages as well as 100% of overtime shifts as soon as they’re complete. By increasing fill rate, firms working with Innovise and Wagestream will be able to provide a higher level of service for their clients. The Wagestream platform has also been proven to reduce attrition by 16%, with 81% of staff saying they feel more positive about their employer as a result. 

Exclusec Managing Director, James Bancroft, said;

“At Exclusec, employee wellbeing has always been a key priority, especially in current times. For us, the financial support Wagestream provides along with the impact on ensuring fulfillment of shifts and increasing loyalty of staff made Wagestream an easy decision!

Due to the integration with Timegate, the work required from our team to implement and maintain the system has been minimal, with full support for us and our employees from the Wagestream team.

Within week one of launching, 30% of our employees enrolled in the service and we’re already receiving positive feedback from staff.”

Graeme Hughes, Managing Director at Innovise said; 

We always want to make sure that we are providing the best solutions possible for our clients and their staff, especially at the moment. From listening to our clients, we understand some of the biggest challenges they face are around retaining their best staff, increasing productivity and offering competitive benefits that are going to make a real difference and Wagestream provides exactly that. 

We feel our values and goals are strongly aligned and look forward to achieving the best for our clients together.”

Peter Briffett, Wagestream CEO said;

“I believe our partnership with Innovise will ensure the frontline workers across the industry have financial stability, especially during such turbulent times.

This move will help all employers in the industry to put the financial and mental wellness of their staff firmly at the top of the agenda, and foster increased trust between employers and the guards, cleaning and support staff that are their biggest asset.”

We look forward to working together to help achieve the best outcomes for their clients and their staff.”

Any firms currently using the Timegate solution can switch on Wagestream for their staff instantly, meaning that firms and their staff can start seeing the impact of income streaming immediately. 

For more information on what the Innovise and Wagestream partnership can achieve for your organisation, get in touch.