28% of staff worry about money daily

Reduce financial stress by up to


Our app empowers frontline workers to reduce their financial stress, leading to better life satisfaction and productivity at work.

”We surveyed users within a month of having the system launched, and we noted a reduction in financial stress and a reduction in being distracted at work."

Katie Duxbury Head of Payroll Services

Reduce time-to-hire by up to


Job adverts that list Wagestream as a benefit are filled over a quarter faster than those that don't.

“Our employees have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the introduction of this service. This is a real revolution in pay that is already making it easier to recruit and retain staff.”

Tim Painter HR Director

Increase retention by up to


Over half of employees say they're less likely to move jobs because they have access to Wagestream.

“Staff have responded enthusiastically to our partnership with Wagestream. The ability to retain staff is already paying dividends for us as a business.”

Clare Clarke Group HR Director

Increase shifts worked by up to


Wagestream strengthens the link between work and pay, meaning employees are motivated to take on additional shifts.

”Staff who were doing Agency [shifts] to access that money straightaway have now come back and are doing the shifts here which is great. Compared to a year ago we’ve got a much better fill rate on our bank and shift uptate.”

Julie Burgess Head Nurse of Surgery

Reduce payroll queries by up to


Employees get a clear breakdown of shifts and pay, meaning they have less need to talk to the payroll team.

"We have seen a 40% reduction in payroll queries by giving our pub colleagues visibility of the shifts they are being paid for throughout the pay period, which they’ve never had before.”

Tom Border Senior Payroll Manager

Increase overtime uptake by up to


Flexible access to overtime earnings means employees are more motivated to pick up overtime shifts.

"Managers were struggling to get employees to work overtime or take a last minute shifts and offering Wagestream has really turned this around and been a complete game changer for us.”

Katie Duxbury Head of Payroll Services

Reduce agency spend by up to


Employees want to move in-house because of how much Wagestream improves their financial wellbeing.

“There has been a reduction in agency, staff feel more comfortable and willing to take on more bank work.”

Rob Shuttleworth Head of Workforce Intelligence
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