Capitalise on New Years enthusiasm to increase employee wellbeing

Businesses can look to implement effective wellbeing strategies for maximum engagement in the period of renewed energy in the New Year. 

We all get that feeling of ‘new year, new me’ that January 1st brings and that can often translate to our goals and motivation at work. It makes it an ideal time for businesses to galvanise new year enthusiasm and implement new strategies to help optimise their organisation for the year ahead and beyond. One of the ways businesses can look to do this is by setting their employee wellbeing agenda. 

Aside from unused gym memberships, fitness regimes and healthy eating plans, many people set themselves the more practical resolution of sorting out their finances, an area that causes 50% of employees the most stress in their lives. With that in mind, the new year is the perfect time for employers to provide staff with effective financial tools that capitalise on the renewed financial focus of employees. 

What’s more, 48% of people said that their financial worries affected them at work, meaning it’s a stress factor that’s costing your business more than you might think. By implementing a financial wellbeing solution that works for your staff, you can increase staff productivity and loyalty, helping you to achieve your business goals for 2020. 

Some organisations are already seeing a significant increase in productivity and engagement by focussing on financial wellbeing with income streaming with Wagestream. 

A well known restaurant group who partnered with Wagestream to improve employee financial wellbeing and engagement have seen their attrition reduced by 16%, saving them a staggering £4.5 million in just recruitment fees alone.

Proven high levels engagement, compounded by new year energy, will likely result in even better outcomes for businesses that implement during this period.

Financial Wellbeing with Wagestream

The Wagestream Employee app and Employer portal

The Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Programme provides employees access to a percentage of their wages as they’re earned, to save at every opportunity, to track wages and shifts in real time and to learn how to better manage their finances. It gives employees the tools they need to better manage their money and ultimately come to work with less stress on their minds. 

To find out more about how we’re encouraging employees to save everyday, in every way click here. 

Wagestream is a simple technology solution that can give you a business advantage, while at the same time, improving the lives of employees. 

Wagestream has no impact on payroll or cashflow, and integrates with all workforce management and attendance systems and can be up and running in 4 weeks. 

Get in touch and launch Wagestream for the best year yet for your business.