Christmas for under £100

If you want to do Christmas on a budget this year or you’re looking for ways to save money this festive season, these 6 tips cover all bases for getting the special day under £100!

1. Get a bargain Christmas tree

At IKEA you can buy a Christmas Tree for £29 and get a £20 voucher to redeem in-store in January, so effectively you can get a real Christmas tree for just £9. You can also get a range of sizes all for £29, so you can make sure you get the perfect one for your home.

2. Invest time to find pre-loved gifts

There’s nothing wrong with a pre-loved gift, in fact, they are becoming increasingly popular. With the likes of Facebook Marketplace and eBay getting praised for places where you can find items that are almost brand new as well as one-of-a-kind vintage items and much more. It takes time, but trawling through these sites can be fruitful and you can find amazing gifs for under £10. 

3. Get creative with homemade presents 

Like pre-loved gifts, there’s a lot to say about homemade presents. In 2020 we’ve missed out on time with our loved ones, so what better way to show them you love them than with a personalised homemade gift. Yes, you have to pay for the materials to make your homemade gifts but this will never add up to the cost of buying everyone a brand new present.

4. Free Christmas activities

The great thing about Christmas is the community spirit it brings out. Even though 2020 has been a year like no other, there will still be lots of free community events still happening, even if they’re virtual. Whether it’s a Christmas lights tour of your neighbourhood or free community pantos it’s easy to find these events near you. Simply head to google and search free Christmas events and then your nearest city and hey presto, the list is endless.

5. Christmas food shopping

You can cook a storm for less than £100 on Christmas day, you just have to shop around to get the best deals. Iceland’s frozen turkey comes up cheapest in 2020, serving 8-10 people and weighing 5.4kg it cost just £16. Bargain!
Don’t forget about dessert, after all, it’s not Christmas without a Christmas pudding. The cheapest one on the market in 2020 can be bought from Booths on amazon for just £2.

6. Rack up those Loyalty points

Don’t have a Tesco clubcard? Grab one quick. Tesco is offering savings on key items across the store if you’ve got a clubcard. Check out their website for more details and sign up for a clubcard online. 

Happy Bargain Hunting!