Christmas with all the trimmings for under £100

According to research, families over-spend by £252 every year at Christmas and up to a third of the British public said that they plan to use a form of credit to cover the cost.

We really wanted to demonstrate that you don’t have spend a fortune to have the Christmas you want, so did some research and pulled together everything you need for a family of four, all for under £100.

The meal itself comes in at just under £40 with the decorations, presents and trimmings bringing the total up to £99, proving that you can have all the fun without the fear of over-spending this Christmas.

All you need for dinner

For £40 you can get the whole Christmas dinner, including family favourites such as pigs-in-blankets and sprouts, as well as a little something for the grown-ups with sherry and bucks-fizz.

The priciest item on the list is the turkey, which costs £9.99 from Lidl, followed by a bottle of bubbly at £4.70 from Aldi. The £40 even includes some brandy butter for you to enjoy with your pudding.

All the decorations, presents and trimmings

As for all the other things that make Christmas so special, there’s presents for the children, Mum and Dad, and a Christmas bingo game the whole family can enjoy. There’s even enough for some Christmas lights to go around a 3ft tinsel tree from Wilko.

Tesco came out as the best-value supermarket where we sourced 11 of the items on the list, including treats like a pack of 6 mince pies for 87p and a bottle of mulled wine for £3.50.  Even Waitrose delivered a couple of surprising bargains for the list.

Peter Briffet, our CEO, said:

“Christmas can be hugely stressful for many households, as there is massive pressure to deliver the perfect day for all the family.

“Children are bombarded with adverts showing expensive must-have toys, and families end up over-spending on Christmas in an attempt to keep up with the Joneses, which can result in expensive interest payments for credit card debt and loans in January.

“We thought it would be nice to do some research to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great Christmas — and you don’t need to scrimp on the simple pleasures either.

“What’s more, you can focus on enjoying yourself rather than worrying as the spending piles up.

“Wagestream wants you to enjoy a debt-free Christmas and you won’t have to endure the financial hangover in New Year.” 

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And from all at Wagestream, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!