Company Contingency Communications – Wagestream Covid-19 Response

In a commitment to aid the containment of Covid-19 and help organisations support those affected, Wagestream is releasing a number of features that are designed to ease financial stress and the mobilisation of contingency plans during the outbreak. 

Company Contingency Communications

Through the Wagestream app and direct notifications, you can now communicate swiftly and effectively with staff on any coronavirus related issues, contingency plans or company policies and keep staff updated in real-time. 

Through our open banking feature, your employees can also receive any crucial information from their bank related to their accounts to easily mitigate any changes that may occur. 

How each process works

Push notifications through infostream

  1. To release a push notification to members on the app, get in touch with your Client Success Manager directly to arrange a message send-out.
  2. Once this has been arranged by your Client Success Manager, they will push the message to your staff. 

The Covid-19 Resource Hub

Our resource hub contains relevant content that can support employees during the ongoing crisis. They will be able to understand their entitlements, tips on staying financially stable during the crisis and information direct from their bank.

The functionality is now available on the Wagestream portal and aims to facilitate communication and reduce any financial stress caused by the outbreak. If you have any questions please contact your Client Success Manager. 

If you are not already working with Wagestream but want to make use of this feature or any other Wagestream features you can now go live in under 24 hours under a new process. For more information and to go live in under 24 hours please get in touch.

For information on when to encourage self-isolation and how to go about it click here. 

For information on how to minimise viral spread throughout the workplace click here.