Lockdown and closures We're here to help

In response to the outbreak of Covid-19 and extended lockdown measures, we’ve released a number of features designed to ease financial difficulties and operational issues during the pandemic.


We are committed to helping all organisations support the financial wellbeing of their people.

Furloughed Staff Payment Support

Provide real-time wage access to all registered furloughed colleagues.
Wagestream will make any calculations necessary and you will not need to wait for HMRC reimbursement before allowing access to furloughed wages.

We’ve helped over 50,000 furloughed workers access their wages since the first lockdown.

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Financial education and support

Our Covid Resource Hub provides your people with all they need to know about financial support available during the outbreak.

Throughout the pandemic we've worked with organisations to run workshops and webinars to help support their staff through the difficult period.

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Supporting organisations

We've already helped 100s of organisations support financial wellbeing throughout the outbreak.

"It was easy to implement and gives our colleagues so much more protection. We hope that Wagestream will give our colleagues that additional support net that is so necessary during a challenging time for all."
Tricia Foster, Head of Pay and Benefits, Holland & Barrett

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Supporting their people

86% of our users feel less stressed during the outbreak through access to wages as they're earned.

“In this unprecedented time it's so good knowing I can use my wages to pay the bills and not get large costs using my bank overdraft. It’s peace of mind.”
Jay, Wagestream User

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Activate in 24 hours

If you are not already working with Wagestream but want to support the financial wellbeing of your staff throughout the lockdown, you can now go live in under 24 hours under our new fast-track process.

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