Automated Statutory Sick Payments – Wagestream Covid-19 Response

The recent announcement from UK Government requiring employers to provide statutory sick pay (SSP) from the first day off work is a measure designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and prevent an epidemic throughout the UK. 

Automated Statutory Sick Payments

In response to the new requirement and to help employers with those colleagues affected, Wagestream will now facilitate automatic daily payments of SSP and waive any associated fees as of today. This will mean employees on SSP, who have identified to be off work due to self-isolation, will have immediate access to their SSP pay.

How the process will work 

  1. Through the employer portal, employers will upload a CSV file (or add an individual) of any staff known to be self-isolating and have opted in to receive their SSP daily 
  2. Wagestream will set up an automatic daily transfer of SSP at no cost to the employee
  3. The automatic payment will run from the day they are added to the system for 14 days, the required quarantine period. 
  4. Employers will have the option to stop the payment altogether if necessary, or if requested by the employee
  5. Wagestream and the employer will then settle up via the normal process at the end of the month. 

The functionality is now available on the Wagestream portal and aims to reduce any financial stress that may be caused by a period of isolation. If you have any questions please contact your Client Success Manager. 

If you are not already working with Wagestream but want to make use of this feature or any other Wagestream features, you can now go live in under 24 hours under a new process. For more information and to go live in under 24 hours please get in touch. 

For information on when to encourage self-isolation and how to go about it click here. 

For information on how to minimise viral spread throughout the workplace click here. 

What are the new requirements for SSP?

The emergency legislation now means that employers will need to provide statutory sick pay from the first day of sick leave. SSP is now set at £94.25 a week and is paid by the employer. 

In order to receive SSP staff must be earning at least £118 per week.