Instant Pay in just 3 weeks with Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust provides NHS hospital services for around 900,000 people across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey and south Buckinghamshire. Their aim is simple – to provide the highest quality healthcare possible to their patients and they understand that staff wellbeing is central to achieving that. 

The Challenges

Frimley wanted to give their staff a benefit that tied in with their existing health and wellbeing strategy by caring for financial wellbeing and preventing staff from using high-cost, short-term credit.

They had identified that there were many benefits to moving to a more regular payroll, but knew that to do so internally would involve a huge commitment and major increase to their workload.

The Solution

What the Wagestream solution offered was a way to give staff flexibility with their pay through Instant Pay without the time, money and commitment involved in changing payroll and paying staff more frequently.

After a survey found that staff wanted access to income streaming, Wagestream was the obvious option for the Trust and achieving their aims. 

The Results

With this in mind and innovation central to their aims, Frimley wanted to launch as quickly as they could. Our tech-first solution meant that we could absolutely deliver on this and worked closely with them to do so. Frimley launched in under 4 weeks, a record time for NHS.

“If I were to say one word [about working with Wagestream], I would say ‘pace’. Implementation in just 4 weeks is unheard of for any project at scale. Implementation was smooth, no issues and if there were any issues, it was great to have an almost instant solution from Wagestream!”

Saf Angelo, Programme Manager overseeing the implementation process

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust has now been live for over 2 months and is seeing a fantastic response from staff using Wagestream who are already feeling the real benefit of instant pay.

Staff are already feeling the benefits of Instant Pay

“Thanks for this innovation in order to control my finances. Now it is easier to control my money.”

“Thank you for making my life easier.”

“I was able to pay an unexpected bill straightway.”

To find out more about how Wagestream can help your Trust and launch in just 4 weeks, get in touch.