Why can’t you decide when you get paid?

Payday is a weird one. You earn money everyday, but you’re only allowed to have it at the end of the month.

Who said it was better to get paid that way? Why shouldn’t you be able to get your money when you want?

Well now you can.

How It Works

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  1. Check how much you’ve earned
  2. Select how much you would like to stream into your bank account
  3. Stream the money into your account in seconds – at a fixed rate of £1.75 per stream
  4. Get on with your day #fullstreamahead

Why are we still paid like it's 1985?

Every month £42bn is held up in payroll – money that people have technically earned but which they can’t access often until the end of the month.

Meanwhile banks make £2.4bn a year from overdraft fees that people pay while they wait to get paid.

How is that fair?

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