How the Security Industry is revolutionising the way they fill overtime shifts with income streaming

It’s widely understood that one of the key issues facing the Security Industry is low personnel retention and engagement. With Private Security Firms now covering a lot of what the public sector once did, the Industry is in the spotlight more than ever. 

Problems filling shifts with suitably trained officers mean that firms are often falling short of their contractual obligations and are at risk of breaking such agreements. With the ever growing pressure on security departments to expand their duties in areas such as counter terrorism, crime prevention and even dealing with demonstrations or public order situations, making sure the right people are willing and able to work when and where needed, is of vital importance.

Some firms are realising that the root to solving these issues is to create a stronger incentive for guards to do more hours by offering instant access to 100% of overtime wages. It means guards can instantly feel the benefit of working overtime shifts and actively volunteer for shifts that were once left empty. This then helps to improve your overall level of service, improving your firms reputation.

David Reed from Key Security, said “Partnering with Wagestream has not only provided our staff with better flexibility and financial security but has also had a positive impact on our service delivery with staff volunteering for extra shifts.”

They were once falling short by 12 shifts per week but are now able to cover 90% more hours by providing their guards with access to 100% of their overtime wages as soon as their shifts are completed. This benefit has revolutionised the way they do business almost overnight. 

Guard engagement with Wagestream

We’ve developed a unique solution specifically for the Security Industry to ensure it works best to overcome the issues that most need solving. Wagestream gives your guards access to 100% of their overtime wages as soon as they’re earned, creating greater incentive for them to work the shifts that need filling. 

With some of our Security Industry Partners we’ve already seen a 90% increase in shifts filled and a 91% adoption rate within the first 4 months. We’ve also helped reduce staff financial stress by 57%, so not only will you be able to revolutionise the way you do business, but your guards will feel less stress therefore can keep their minds on the job. 

The partner portal means that you get full oversight and control over how your guards are using the service and our team report to you on a quarterly basis about how the service is working towards your overall business goals. 

Wagestream has no impact on payroll or cashflow, and integrates with all workforce management and attendance systems. 

Get in touch and launch Wagestream for your guards and revolutionise the way you do business.