Financial Wellness: Your ultimate employee engagement tool

The financial wellbeing of your staff is more important than ever, but how can you build an effective financial wellbeing strategy?

We were recently joined, for a webinar in partnership with Generali, by Erik Porter of Cheddr and Katie Duxbury of Bupa to talk through best practice when implementing a financial wellbeing strategy and what it can achieve.

As a financial wellbeing consultant and a member of the Financial Services Consumer panel, Erik runs us through some of the key criteria for a financial wellbeing strategy that works for both your organisation and your people.

Katie Duxbury, Head of Payroll Services for Bupa talks about their journey with financial wellbeing and how they’ve been able to overcome key business challenges, including a shortage of nursing and care staff.

Watch the video to find out more!

Essential reading for building your strategy

  • Erik’s checklist for building an effective wellbeing strategy
  • Our guide to no-nonsense employee engagement
  • The Ipsos MORI report on financial wellbeing and retention, key to building an internal business case
  • Download Generali UK’s free Wellbeing Communications Calendar, packed with communication resources for HR, Line Managers and Employees, all aligned with national and international awareness days

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