Fourth x Wagestream are here for you at no additional cost

We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with Fourth is growing. For all Fourth Payroll customers, Wagestream is now included as part of your Workforce Management solution at no additional cost.

We understand the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on the hospitality sector and your business and the challenges operators have faced to reopen safely and effectively amid ever changing regulations. New measures have resulted in increased financial pressure for hospitality sector employees, which can have an impact on their health and wellbeing.

Fourth and Wagestream want to do as much as we can to support your business and employees so are now offering the Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Platform as part of the Fourth Workforce Management solution, at no additional cost. Wagestream is already being used by many Fourth customers, with proven success of increasing staff wellbeing, retention, and productivity.

Wagestream is fully integrated into the Fourth platform meaning additional resource is not required to activate Wagestream for your organisation. It can simply be activated and your employees can quickly start benefiting from the Fourth x Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Platform.

The Fourth and Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Platform

Wagestream is a financial wellbeing platform that allows your staff to track and access their wages as they work, automatically build a savings pot, and learn better money habits.

The benefits of Fourth x Wagestream

Boost employee wellbeing

Financial worries can often be the biggest stress factor in our lives. The Wagestream Financial Wellbeing Platform has helped 53% of users improve their financial situation and 77% feel less stressed overall.

Fill those hard-to-fill shifts

Visibility over earnings and access to earned wages means employees are more likely to pick up extra shifts as they can feel the financial benefit of doing so much quicker.

Keep your best employees

Organisations already using Wagestream have seen a 16% reduction in attrition. This is because it’s a benefit your employees will love and use, with an average adoption rate of 54% across all industries.

Fourth customers already benefitting from Wagestream

“We are excited to partner with Wagestream and be able to give our employees an instant and accessible way to access their wages. We want to make things as easy as we can for our teams and Wagestream will be key in delivering that.

By launching Wagestream now, it means our employees can access their furlough pay before we receive it from the Government which will ensure we are continuing to support them during these tough times.”

Kate Moscardini, Head of People Experience, Honest Burgers

“In these uncertain times it’s important to give as much help and support as you can to your staff and using Wagestream we felt we would be supporting our staff with increased access to their incomes at a time of extreme uncertainty and need.”

Joanne Sullivan, Head of People, Byron

Employees love Wagestream too . . .

“Wagestream has been an absolute Godsend for help with managing my finances. I’ve reduced my reliance on credit to bridge what is very often a small gap at the end of the month but would cost me so much more if I used credit instead of the money I have already earned. I was hesitant to use it at first as I thought it would push me into further debt but that has not been the case at all – it’s actually helped me rack up less debt and I am now on track to gain better control of my finances.”

Gina, Wagestream User

Activate your new feature in three simple steps:

The onboarding process will take just 90 minutes of your time.

  • Click the link below and enter your details. We will then send you an addendum to sign.
  • Wagestream will get in touch with a date when the new feature will go live.  Wagestream is fully integrated with the Fourth API so can be activated immediately.
  • Wagestream will handle all launch communications for you to make sure your staff know about their new feature.

To activate your new feature, click here.