Provide financial support when your staff need it most

With over half of UK families now behind on rent and bills, financial pressures are at an all time high.

You have the power to stop Covid-19 having a lasting impact on your employees financial and mental wellbeing by launching Wagestream.

86% of users have said that Wagestream has made them feel less stressed during the Covid period. Less stress means better outcomes for your Trust.

Get Wagestream

Used by 1,000s of employees in the Healthcare and Public sector

The only income streaming solution
fully integrated with Allocate and Patchwork

Trust benefits guaranteed

hours of bank shifts per week

Through instant access to wages earned on bank shifts, Wagestream users work on average 8.7 hours of bank shifts, compared to 3.6 hours for non-enrolled staff.

of staff feel more positive about you as an employer

By creating a more positive relationship with your staff, they're more likely to stay loyal for longer.

of staff no longer distracted by finances at work

With less stress and more minds on the job, staff provide better care for your patients and help you to increase your CQC rating.

Find out more about how Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust are transforming the way they fill bank shifts through instant pay

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NHS Staff love this benefit

Less stress means more minds on the job

Instant access to wages earned means more incentive to take on bank shifts.

“Normally with bank shifts, you have to wait a month until you get your pay. It’s good that you can draw out wages from after you’ve worked a shift.”

Maternity Support Worker, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

We never want to increase debt for your staff so, unlike other providers, we won’t sell loans to your people because loaning money won’t reduce financial stress.

"Being a mother of twins and on maternity leave has put me in huge debt that I will somehow pay over the next couple of years. But my expenses need to be very tight. Debt was leading me into depression. Since, I started using Wagestream, I could take a DEEP breath of relief."
Theatre Nurse, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

71% of staff check the app the weekly to track their wages and shifts.

“Features such as seeing your daily rate makes you more motivated to work.”
Sister, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

“Love being able to see how much I earn each shift.”
Midwife, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Wagestream is the only solution available to staff 100% of the time to 100% of employees, meaning they don't have to turn to payday lenders to cover expenses.

"It's an opportunity to access your wages without going to a payday lender and getting into debt with interest."
Outpatients Team Leader, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Go live in under 4 weeks

We launched with Frimley Health Foundation Trust in under 4 weeks, a record time for NHS. We're proud to be the only income streaming fully integrated with Allocate HealthRoster. Our partnerships mean that we can go live in just the switch of a button.

Fully Integrated

The Allocate API from HealthRoster means that InstantPay can be launched seamlessly without any manual intervention from your trust.

Fully automated

Through our connection to the HSCN we provide a secure, automated solution that links with ESR.

No manual data sharing

All eligible employee information and shift data is automatically passed to the app without any trust intervention.

Available too all staff groups

Allocate InstantPay is the only solution that is available to both substantive and bank staff. If instant pay is not available to bank staff, agencies still have the benefit of speed of pay, which is the preference for the majority of staff.

What’s financial stress costing your trust?

Significant savings by reducing absenteeism

Average company savings