How to find and transfer your pensions

The best time to look at your pensions is when you’re a long way off retiring so you have enough time to make any changes and maximise your money.

How to find a lost pension?

Don’t worry, when we talk about lost pensions we don’t mean your money has gone walkabouts, we mean that if you’ve had several jobs, it’s likely that you’ve started and paid into several different workplace pensions. In fact, the amount of money in these “lost pensions” is expected to reach £750 billion by 2050!
Keeping track of multiple pension pots can be difficult and you might have lost one or maybe even more, especially if you’ve forgotten the login details or lost the paperwork.

Why it’s important to find your lost pensions

If you’ve got lots of pension pots it can be hard to see what you’ve actually got in all of them and you’ll be paying fees across all of them instead of just one. It also makes it much easier to manage your money if it’s in one place.

How to find your lost and old pension pots

Contacting your old pension providers is the best way to check what’s in them and how you can transfer them. Alternatively, you can also use the Pension Tracing Service to find your pensions. This is a free government service that searches a database to find the names and contact details of your pension providers. All you need to do is fill in the form to start the process then they will do the rest.

How to transfer your lost and old pensions

Once you’ve found your old pension pots, you might want to think about combining them into a single plan, this will reduce your fees and make it easier to see your money in one place. Alternatively, you can think about combining your pension pots into a SIPP (self-invested personal pension) which gives you more flexibility and control over where your money is invested, including greener pensions. Find out more here. 

Top tip: Lots of apps will combine your pensions and find your old pensions for you in just a few clicks, some of our favourites are PensionBee and Moneybox.