Your IT Resource Centre

To make sure implementation and integration is as simple a possible, we've deigned this resource centre to give IT teams full oversight of the process.

We know that it's not one-size-fits-all when it comes to integrating with your internal systems, so the Wagestream platform provides multiple ways of exchanging data through a protected and secure process.

Our integration options

Get started in less than a day through a simple upload via our Employer Portal
Switch on a certified integration with MHR iTrent, Team Software, Fourth or Allocate HealthRoster
Over secure FTP, automate the upload of data from your existing HRIS/Payroll and Time and Attendance systems
Fully automate by integrating seamlessly with our APIs

Safeguarding your information

At Wagestream, we take the security, privacy and welfare of your data incredibly seriously. Here are the measures we take to ensure your data and people are protected.

Our information security processes

Platform and network security

Third-party application and network tests performed quarterly by GIAC, OSCP, CEH and CISSP certified testers. Nightly scans against our app and network. Intrusion Detection and Denial of Service.

Security best practices

All passwords salted and hashed with a one way cryptographic hashing algorithm. All sensitive banking data is further encrypted via AES256. Mutli-factor authentication and single sign on active.

Handling of data

All data is stored exclusively in AWS datacentres in London, with a disaster recovery site in Dublin, and are readily SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant. We encrypt your data at rest using a minimum of a 256-bit key via AWS KMS.

People, compliance & governance

Only staff with the necessary rights and roles have pre-authorised access to information. All staff are ID&V and DBS checked; key staff are additional run through an adverse credit check facility. All staff complete GDPR and Cyber Security Awareness training.

Our certifications and integration partners

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