Keeping it simple; Talking all things wellbeing with two Olympic rowers

Do you find it hard to prioritise your mental or physical wellbeing?

Recently, our own Alex Partridge, Wellbeing Ambassador and Olympic Rower caught up with his friend, teammate, and double Olympic Gold Medalist, Alex Gregory to talk about all things wellbeing, and how they’ve been keeping simple after Olympic life.

Watch their discussion to find out:

  • What Olympic life is really like
  • How they prioritise their wellbeing after Olympic life
  • Getting back to exercising after years away
  • Some key takeaways on how to ensure you’re prioritising your wellbeing

Both Alex’s have gone through the extremes of Olympic life and training and back to normal life where many of the support systems and structures fall away.

The singular focus of olympic life contrasted with the ‘what now’ feeling after it’s all over has meant they’ve both been on journey’s with their mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. 

Watch their discussion for some amazing insights into the life of an Olympian!