Operation Dover – The Big Reveal

Over the weekend, you might have seen the coverage in The Telegraph and Daily Mail about a countdown on the White Cliffs of Dover. We sent Wagestream CEO, Peter Briffet and Double Olympic Gold Medal rowers James Cracknell and our own Alex Partridge down to Dover to project a countdown onto the iconic white cliffs. We reveal what it’s all about.

It’s now 17 days to go and you might be wondering what we’ve been counting down to. With all the chatter around Brexit you’re probably thinking we’re counting down to the 31st of October, the day we’re scheduled to leave the EU and a day that will change things forever, for better or worse, no one is entirely certain yet. 

Well, we hate to have to tell you this but you’re wrong, for once we’re not talking about Brexit (Hurrah!)


We’re counting down to payday.

For many, the most important day of the month. 

With 17 days to go until payday, the UK workforce is currently owed 13 days worth of pay, equivalent to £36.9 billion that’s held up in payroll systems. They’re having to wait until payday to get access to the money they’ve already earned, that’s technically & legally theirs. 

This wait can, for many, lead to the use of high-cost short-term credit, to help ease the cash flow problem and meet unexpected expenses, with 3.1 million (ONS) people per year turning to payday lenders, something that could absolutely be avoided by providing workers with access to what they’re owed. 

That’s why we’re on a mission to provide working people with access to a percentage of their earned wages when they need it, giving them the much needed liquidity they deserve. 

Olympic hero James Cracknell said: 

“I was delighted to help Wagestream to project their message onto the White Cliffs of Dover. 

“It’s a hugely important message for every employer and employee in Britain. Why should people have to wait to get hold of money they’ve already earned?”

Three men in a boat
Wagestream at the White Cliffs

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