Fourth and Wagestream
are here for you and your people

As a Fourth customer, you now have access to Wagestream in just one click and at no additional cost.


Just click the link below to activate your new offering and get your launch date. Wagestream connects to Fourth through the API, therefore all you need to do is activate it to start supporting your people.

The Fourth Wagestream
Financial Wellbeing Platform

Wagestream believe in better financial resilience for all. This means having access to the right tools and resources to tackle the here and now and build a secure financial future.


Employees can track earnings in real-time, set up reminders for recurring bills, and clearly see their incomings vs outgoings. 55% of users now feel more incontrol of their finances.


Employees can access earned wages, cover unexpected expenses and avoid unnecessary debt. 42% of users have avoided turning to payday lenders.


Financial fitness tools and trusted and impartial information to build money confidence. 6x a month users access financial tools and tips in the app.


Create a savings culture through incentivised savings direct from salary. Help your employees save for a more secure financial future. Employees who stream are 2-3x times more likely to start saving.

Activate Wagestream in 3 steps


Click & sign

Click the link below and enter your details. We will then send you an adendum to sign.


Get your go live date

We will then give you your go live date. Wagestream is fully integrated through the Fourth API so is there nothing for you to do.


Go live!

Wagestream will handle all launch communications for you to make sure your staff know about their new benefit.

Activate Wagestream

Fourth clients already
using Wagestream

Fourth clients already using wagestream