Your Payroll Resource Centre

Wagestream works seamlessly with 100% of UK payroll systems and providers.

Our unique technology solution means that your payroll process isn’t affected and that there’s little to no work for your internal teams.

For payroll, it's no headache

We're fully integrated with all major payroll and workforce management providers
Our stream account solution means no manual deductions or calculations for your team
We work closely with payroll to successfully manage implementation and roll out
Our 24/7 customer support are always on hand for any queries you may have

Our unique system, explained

Wagestream works seamlessly between you and your staff to simplify earned wage access.

How it works

Your colleague

Your colleague enrols with Wagestream and sets up a stream account. They transfer a percentage of their earned wages based on hours worked.


Wagestream funds all transfers of earned wages so there's no impact on your valuable cashflow. Wagestream keeps a record of all wage transfers.

Your organisation

You pay wages at the end of the month or week through the usual process.

Stream account

As wages flow through an enrolled employees stream account, Wagestream settles any transfers of earned wages that have happened throughout the pay cycle.

Our workforce management and payroll partners

Payroll Resource Centre

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