Remote workforce – How to stay engaged through the distance

It’s clear to see that the impact of the virus has had, and will continue to have, a transformative effect on the way we work and businesses operate. Many will be moving to a remote workforce and engaging with remote workers is going to be crucial in making that successful. Businesses looking to build employee engagement throughout the recovery process and beyond will need to adapt. 

Remote working on a laptop

Tea breaks with a remote workforce

Zoom and other online services are able to provide a great way for businesses to stay on task at the moment but they’re also a great way of maintaining a social connection. Planning socials and tea breaks that would otherwise organically happen in kitchens or break out spaces will help to keep your remote workforce connected to one another.

We’ve scheduled a weekly tea-break where anyone can drop in for a chat. It’s completely casual and non compulsory, just like popping to the office kitchen for a cuppa!

Help remote workers to feel present in meetings

As we move into the recovery phase, it will be a challenge to bridge the gap between workers remaining remote and those back in the office. For meetings, organisers can make sure that remote workers feel more present by reducing background noise, letting them know who’s in the room and actively asking for their input where possible. 

Reward your remote workforce

Make sure to reward and recognise those are not physically present in the same way. A simple ‘thank you’ that may have happened over desks is a lot more difficult so making a concerted effort can help to mitigate feelings of not being appreciated. 

Here at Wagestream we’re hosting ‘The Homies’ (because we’re all at home, get it?). It’s a chance to celebrate each other in an award ceremony not unlike the Oscars and make sure that we’re highlighting some of the smaller acts of brilliance and dedication during these times.

Financial Resilience

According to a You Gov survey commissioned by the Standard Life Foundation, 19% of Britons have used a form credit to cover necessary expenses during the first four weeks of lockdown. It’s clear that amongst all the upheaval, financial resilience across the UK has taken a real hit. With remoting working it will be even harder to understand when your staff are under financial pressure, HR leaders need to bring a real focus on financial wellbeing and providing the right tools and resources that are there when they need them. Providing support in this area has the potential to create a strong level of engagement with staff that will help you through the next fews months of recovery. 

Download our shareable ‘Money Toolkit: Lockdown Edition’ here.

To understand how Wagestream can help you to build the financial resilience of your staff, get in touch