Silver linings in a changing world

Coronavirus has changed our lives in many ways, from the way we work to the way we socialise. With many countries on lockdown, the amount of time we spend at home and isolated from friends and family has increased exponentially. 

With many facing uncertain times in their work and their home life, current life can be challenging. The strain on our mental health can be hard and it’s easy to become anxious.

However, amongst all the challenges that Coronavirus brings, people are finding silver linings. Whether that’s enjoying your morning without a commute or spending more time with family.

Silver linings at Wagestream

At Wagestream we’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, so our team is staying home to save lives and to protect the NHS. As we enter our fifth week of working from home we are all finding our own ways of working, with different routines and unique home-office setups, we’re starting to find some silver linings to all this free time.

Lots of Wagestreamers are trying to new hobbies or picking up old ones 

Eamonn one of our Business Development Managers is learning to play the harmonica and Liv our B2C Marketing Manager is finally cracking on with learning guitar properly. George, one of our Senior Software Engineers, is using the extra time to pick up old hobbies like cooking, Powerball and mastering the Rubik’s cube. 

Feeling well-rested 

Lots of our team are feeling well-rested and refreshed, Nicola our Head of Customer Success is enjoying all the baths and facemasks #selfcare. Whilst Georgie our Head of Marketing is enjoying not having a commute that is giving her more time for some fresh air in the morning (or an extra hour in bed). 

More family time 

Eszter our Head of Compliance is enjoying being able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with her children and husband – the whole gang. 

Ties our Dutch Country Manager has been staying in touch with his family all over the country via zoom. His highlight to date being a remote Zoom weekend dinner with family located all over the Netherlands. 

Probably the best silver lining from the team is Sophie’s (Head of Business Operations), new mini dachshund puppy called Truffle. We can’t wait for cuddles in the office.  

Truffle the mini dachshund

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