The future of HR for the recovery period

We now have a clear road map to recovery and all being well could be back to some normality in June. This provides unique challenges for the future of HR to make sure their workplaces are safe and that their staff are confident to come back to work, after a period of increased strain, especially when it comes to employees finances.

Discussing the future of HR

This means that there’s going to be a shift in focus for HR to re-engage with furloughed staff, show reward and recognition for their staff on the frontline and make sure wellbeing is at the forefront of their agenda when dealing with remote workforces. 

Three focuses for the future of HR

Reward and recognition

Staff on the frontline have shown great courage and commitment during this time and organisations should think seriously about how they reward those members of staff.

Any reward or recognition needs to be meaningful and a great way to do this is by giving frontline staff a voice on how they would like to be rewarded or a forum through which they can make suggestions at a senior level on issues they feel passionate about.

This, in time, will help to grow engagement and loyalty with staff and return some of the goodwill they demonstrated throughout the outbreak. 


For businesses who have mainly furloughed their employee base and that are now looking at opening back up again, there will need to be a focus on encouraging staff back into work.

Aside from the practical challenges, employers will need to work on building confidence with their staff that their safety is paramount and that they’re not being encouraged to do anything that would put them at risk.

Employers should look to re-onboarding staff like they’re joining the organisation for the first time to effectively communicate distancing strategies and reassure staff. 

Financial Resilience

According to a You Gov survey commissioned by the Standard Life Foundation, 19% of Britons have used a form credit to cover necessary expenses during the first four weeks of lockdown. It’s clear that amongst all the upheaval, financial resilience across the UK has taken a real hit.

In re-engaging with staff, HR leaders need to bring a real focus on financial resilience and providing the right tools and resources to help staff get back on track. Providing support in this area will create a strong level of engagement with staff that will help you through the next fews months of recovery. 

To find out more about the financial resilience of your staff and the impact it’s having on your business, click here.

Recoveries from some of the biggest economic challenges of the past century have provided a chance to completely disrupt the business landscape and Covid-19 is certainly no different. This pandemic has forged a multitude of challenges for the working world. Whilst no one knows where we’ll be in 12 or 24 months time, organisations that truly adapt and change are the ones that have the potential to have the biggest impact on employee wellbeing. 

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