The Great Recovery; The Future of Workforce Wellbeing

For the first in our Great Recovery Webinar series, we’re joined by Daivd Fairhurst, ex Global Chief People Officer for McDonald’s, and Suki Thompson, CEO and founder of LetsReset.

Listen to their insightful discussion about the emerging trends in HR as we look towards recovery.

They discuss:

  • How to tackle recovery planning
  • The likely fundamental shifts in employee wellbeing requirements after lockdown
  • The emergence of the Chief Wellbeing Officer

Some key takeaways

Keep the focus on diversity and inclusion 

  • There’s been a lot of work over the past few years to invest in diversity inclusion and it’s had a really positive impact
  • Stephen Frost, CEO of Frost Included estimates that ¾ of UK companies have either cancelled or postponed their D&I initiatives 
  • Rowing back on investment in this area risks impacting all the work done to help more people into the workplace

See David’s work on the ‘workforce cliff’ for more information.

There will be anxiety about coming back into the workplace

  • After months of distancing, lockdown and furloughing there will be a vulnerability and anxiety about coming back into the workforce
  • Employers can’t expect staff to come back to the workforce readily and easily
  • There will be five stages to coming back to the workforce; reassurance, re-onboarding, reengaging, re-recruiting, and finally the remain away strategy.

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