Improve the mental health and safety of your staff by building financial resilience

Within the transport industry, depression and anxiety account for 54% of all working days lost to ill health.*

We know that 55%* of adults have experienced concerns over their own mental health or wellbeing because of money worries.

By helping your staff to build better financial resilience you can help to reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing. 77% of our users feel less stressed as a result of using Wagestream.

*Mates in Mind *Money Advice Service

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Building financial resilience for 1,000s of brands across the globe

Changing your colleagues lives for the better

Feel less distracted at work

46% of users say that they feel less distracted at work due to money stress because of Wagestream helping with overall driver safety

Improvement in financial situation

53% of users feel their financial situation has improved because of Wagestream.

Feel more positive about their employer

82% of users feel more positive about their employer for offering financial support with Wagestream.

Transport workers will love this benefit

We experience a 53%+ adoption rate across multiple industries in the first 60 days

73% of users track their earnings weekly through the Wagestream app. This helps is a powerful budgeting tool that looks at future earnings and not just past spending to help stay on track.

60% of users have streamed their wages to pay an unexpected bill. Instant access to wages as they’re earned with Wagestream means your employees can avoid negative cycles of debt.

Wagestream is the only solution available 100% of the time to 100% of employees. This is critical as the need for access to wages increases in the week before payday with 41% of transfers occurring in the last 7 days.

Unlike others, we won't sell loans to your people because loaning money won't reduce financial stress or have the positive business benefits you're looking for.

Go live in under 7 days

We integrate with all major workforce management tools, including MHR, so your employees can be income streaming within 7 days

Identify needs

Your dedicated Partner Success Manager
will work with you to understand
your specific business needs and
how to overcome them

and training

We work closely with your internal teams
to provide training and manage
implementation and rollout
so that impact on your
organisation is minimal

Launch and review

You get complete visibility and control
over employee usage and we will measure
the effectiveness of your financial
wellbeing strategy so that you get
the most from your benefit

Ongoing Support

Your Partner Success Manager will
always be on hand to support you and your
employees throughout launch and beyond

What’s financial stress costing your organisation?

Significant savings by reducing staff turnover

Average company savings