Qué es el Bienestar Financiero y cómo puedes mejorar la salud financiera de tus empleados

La falta de conocimientos sobre finanzas personales puede causar muchos problemas a los empleados, y a las empresas españolas les cuesta miles de millones de euros cada año.
Descárgate la guia para implementar una estrategia de bienestar financiero
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While we're distanced from our teams, surveys are a great way to check in and give your employees the chance to feel heard.

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Almost 4 in 5 hospitality workers feared they wouldn’t be able to pay bills and living costs as a result of the outbreak.

This survey will help you to make a difference in the areas where it really matters.

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Have you thought about Earned Wage Access?

Earned wage Access is already helping over 80,000 furloughed workers in the hospitality industry to track and access their wages as they are accrued. 86% have said that increased access and visibility has made them less stressed during the outbreak.

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Hospitality leaders supporting their staff

We're working with 100s of organisations who just want to do the best for their staff.

Andrew Bush

Chief People Officer

86% say they're less stressed during the pandemic through access to Wagestream

Financial Stress

“We know some have encountered real financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Wagestream will help to alleviate some of this financial stress by helping those affected meet unexpected expenses.”

Dawn Browne

People & Talent Director

67% have felt more in control of their finances during the outbreak

Financial control

“With all pubs closed, these are worrying times for our team members. We had already planned to roll out Wagestream as there are times when our team members need to access their pay – but in light of the additional pressures of being furloughed, we decided to go ahead and get the roll out complete.”

Kate Moscardini

Head of People Experience

78% of Wagestream users have been able to cover an unexpected bill

Covering unexpected costs

“By launching Wagestream now, it means our employees can access their furlough pay before we receive it from the government which will ensure we are continuing to support them during these tough times.”

Tricia Foster

Head of Pay & Benefits

46% have avoided turning to payday lenders during the pandemic

Avoiding high cost credit

“Earned Wage Access is relatively new and hugely exciting for us and all our colleagues. It was easy to implement and gives our colleagues so much more protection from the financial pain of meeting unexpected expenses.»