What is financial resilience?

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Financial resilience is the ability to withstand and recover from temporary financial hardship due to a sudden fall in income or an unavoidable rise in expenditure.

We believe that financial resilience is a long-term and ongoing process. By alleviating immediate financial concerns through Track and Stream and then developing longer-term security through Save and Learn, Wagestream users are able to withstand uncertain events and begin a journey to financial fitness.

How Wagestream helps financial resilience


Track earnings in real-time. Set up reminders for recurring bills. Easily measure income vs outgoings.


of UK workers have volatile, unpredictable pay

Plan ahead and budget


Access your earned wages at any point in the month. Avoid unnecessary debt caused by short-term cash-flow issues. Stream directly into your bank account. Take control of your payday.

Over 50%

Have run out of money before payday

Avoid inappropriate debt


Get financially educated. Have access to financial tools to build money confidence. Trusted and impartial information.


do not feel confident managing money

Make informed financial decisions


Save the pennies directly after each shift. Create a saving culture through incentivised savings. Build a buffer against future unexpected costs.


Have less then 100£ in savings

Develop a regular savings habit