Get serious about employee wellbeing

Wagestream - where putting your people first and meeting overall business aims collides.

Wagestream is a financial wellbeing platform that provides access to a suite of financial tools and resources to take your colleagues on a journey to financial resilience.

Achieving results for your organisation

82% of users feel more positive about their employer
86% of users feel less stressed during the outbreak as a result of using Wagestream
16% reduction in staff turnover since the introduction of Wagestream
27% faster recruitment process with Wagestream

Employee wellbeing that works

Our financial wellbeing platform has meant that 82% of our users feel more positive about their organisation.

A better relationship with your people means increased engagement, retention and productivity, all measured through your dedicated employer portal.

Enterprise grade HR analytics


Insights into app usage across all of your workforce, including frequency of visits and feature usage


Visibility over shifts worked and how Wagestream is impacting overall working trends


Detailed insight into how your employees are accessing their wages. You can see what your workforce are accessing, for what reasons and frequently throughout the month


Analyse the effect that Wagestream is having on retention and overall productivity to provide value back to key stakeholders

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