Be the financial lifeline your colleagues need

Give your people access to wages as they’re earned. Let them track their wages, understand their pay, be immediately compensated for overtime, and above all, reduce their stress during this global crisis.

Activate in 24 hours

Release earnings to your colleagues

Workers across Britain are currently encountering a number of unprecedented expenses; by providing your employees with access to their earnings, funded by Wagestream throughout the pay cycle, you dramatically reduce their financial stress and help them to face the challenges ahead.

Real-time access to earned wages

By providing access to a % of wages as they’re earned, including the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme , your colleagues will be able to tackle any unexpected expenses

Your colleagues can stream a capped percentage of the money that they’ve already earned that month straight into their current account

Your colleagues are able to absorb a financial shock or unexpected expense without getting into debt

You decide the %, all the transfers are funded by Wagestream, and the money is sent in your company name

Furloughed Staff Payment Support

Support furloughed colleagues through the crisis by providing instant access to up to 50% of ‘furloughed’ income.

Providing critical financial support to those in need during the pandemic period

Activate wage access to all registered furloughed colleagues, who can then access up to 50% of their ‘furloughed’ wages as funded by Wagestream.

Employers will still need to submit information to the HMRC portal but will not need to wait until HMRC reimbursement before allowing furloughed staff to have access to their wages.

Covid relief funding direct to colleagues

Provide your employees with instant access to a relief fund of up to £150 (or a limit of your desire) of earned income to allow them to tackle unexpected expenses.

Instant access to an earned relief fund of €150 (or a limit of your choice)

Allow colleagues to instantly access up to £150 of earned income to help them to cover essential necessities.

The pandemic poses certain financial challenges for staff. Emergency relief funds mean colleagues can purchase critical products for isolation without getting into debt.

Provide daily automated statutory sick pay

Wagestream will facilitate automatic daily payments of SSP and waive associated fees; Colleagues on SSP, who are off work due to self-isolation, will have immediate access to SSP

Employers can upload a list of any staff self-isolating who have opted into receiving their SSP daily

Wagestream will set up an automatic daily transfer of SSP at no cost to the employee

The automatic payment will run from the day they are added to the system for 14 days, the required quarantine period and will be funded by Wagestream.

All associated fees are waived.

Allow access to 80% of overtime wages to help fill extra shifts

Wagestream will now offer immediate access to 80% of overtime wages to encourage employees unaffected by symptoms to increase hours worked and minimise the effect on shift fulfilment rates.

Any shift that is tagged as COVID-19 on the Wagestream portal is eligible for fast payment.

Employees can access 80% of wages earned and may access immediately upon completion of work.

The functionality is now avalable on the Wagestream portal and aims to reduce any labour faced during the outbreak.

Communicate directly with colleagues on Coronavirus issues

Through Infostream and the Covid-19 Resources Hub, clients can now communicate swiftly and effectively with staff on coronavirus related issues, contingency plans or company policies


Push notification to members on the app can be arranged through our Client Success team.


The Covid-19 Resource Hub provides staff with all the relevant information they need to help them through the crisis.

All associated fees are waived.

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Get real about reducing workplace financial stress if you want to see an increase in productivity, motivation and retention like these companies.

The Wagestream platform is proven technology that connects you and your colleagues in this time of uncertainty

Our workplace app and management portal is able to respond in real time to the changing situation and help your organisation protect your greatest asset; your people.

Our simple technology platform means that you can go live within 24 hours and start to take advantage of our features as soon as possible to help your business mobilise

We’re already facilitating millions of faster payments to staff to help ease their financial burden and engage workers with their employers; just let us know how we can help you