Our Mission

We're proud to be funded by social impact charities in order to help bring financial security and stability to the lives of working people by challenging the negative effects of the monthly pay cycle.

Our Social Charter

Wagestream has a Social Charter in its Articles of Association, designed with our founding partners. Our collective mission to end the poverty premium for UK Workers and bring better financial health by preventing employees entering cycles of debt.

Our Social Charter dictates that all our current and future products must be built to help achieve our combined mission.

Fair financial services that give, not take

Every working person deserves a life that’s free of financial stress.

Every working person deserves to feel in control of their finances.

Our combined aims

End overdraft fees
By partnering with organisations who share in our mission, Wagestream gives employees the power to access their earned wages as they need it, interest free, removing the need for high cost credit and unfair overdraft fees.
Ensure every household has £300 in savings
50% of households don't have enough money to pay for an unexpected bill of €300. We want to provide employees with effective and tangible incentives to help them prioritise their savings and build financial security.
Eradicate payday loans
We predict that the payday loan industry will die out by 2022 and will not rest until lenders are no longer able to prey on hard working people. We're already helping 37% of our users avoid using payday loans.

Backed by leading investors and financial charities, over 60 companies and their 150,000 employees have joined our mission so far.

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