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InstantPay gives your employees access to their wages as they’re earned. They can also track their wages in real-time, save directly from their salary and learn better money habits.

Earned wage access is already helping many Trusts provide a great alternative to agency work, reducing overall costs and improving consistency of care. Wagestream power Allocate’s InstantPay solution for the NHS.

This means that if you’re a NHS trust or healthcare organisation using HealthRoster, we can turn on InstantPay for your staff within just 1 week!

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The only solution to meet the needs of your Trust and people

"A month's turnaround to get this implemented in NHS terms is considerably quick. It's quick, it's easy and it's going to benefit your staff, what more do you need to say?'
Rob Shuttleworth, HR Systems and Information Manager

Fully integrated with HealthRoster

The Allocate API from HealthRoster means that InstantPay can be launched seamlessly without any manual intervention.
Real time API feed means that the staff app is updated with shift data in real-time.

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“We looked at the pros and cons of us as a trust running weekly payroll. It would have been costly for us to do. Through InstantPay, the world of automation opens up”
Saf Angelo, HR Programme Manager

Fully automated connections with HSCN & ESR

Through our connection to the HSCN, we provide a secure, automated solution that links with ESR.
All eligible employee information and shift data is automatically passed to the InstantPay app without any trust intervention. A solution without this capability takes up to 6 hours of extra admin time per week.

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“Our vacancy rates are down 30% and with that our agency spend has decreased. [InstantPay] has played a key part in converting staff from agency back to our bank.”
Tom White, Deputy HR Director

Reduces agency spend

After implementing InstantPay, trusts have seen enrolled users work on average 8.7 hours of bank shifts, compared to 3.6 hours for non-enrolled users. This is a 200%+ increase.

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“Rather than borrow or go to payday lenders, they’re able to access their money.”
Julie Burgess, Head of Surgical Nursing

Available to your staff 100% of the time

InstantPay is the only solution that works during the final week of the month. This is the critical period when staff have most need to access their earnings.
Most earned wage access solutions are adherent to the ‘payroll cut off’, often 10 days before payday, which is when over 40% of earned wage access usage occurs.

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“Normally with bank shifts, you have to wait a month until you get your pay. It’s good that you can draw out wages from after you’ve worked a shift.”
InstantPay User, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Available to every staff member, including bank

Allocate InstantPay is the only solution that is available to both substantive and bank staff.
If Earned Wage Access is not available to bank staff, agencies still have the benefit of speed of pay, which is the preference for the majority of temporary staff.

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“Love being able to see how much I earn each shift.”
InstantPay user, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

A full financial wellbeing solution

Your staff can save directly from their salary and learn better money habits, like budgeting, all through the app.
The Allocate API from HealthRoster means bank staff employees can, in real-time, track their shifts worked and wages earned.

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