Wagestream Environment, Social and Governance Policy

October 2019


Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) are the criteria that altogether establish the framework for assessing the impact of the sustainability and ethical practices of a company on its financial performance and operations.

Environmental Factor

The environmental factor is primarily concerned with the company’s influence on the environment and its ability to mitigate various risks that could harm the environment. Generally, a company is assessed by its use of energy, waste generation, level of the pollution produced, utilization of the resources, and treatment of animals.

Social Factor

The social factor investigates the company’s relationships with other businesses and communities. Social factor considers the attitudes towards diversity, human rights, and consumer protection.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is concerned with the internal company’s affairs and the relationships with the main company’s stakeholders, including its employees and the shareholders.


This Policy is intended to set out the principles by which Wagestream conducts its business.



When considering its commercial engagements and establishing strategic partnership employers (Partners and Partnerships), Wagestream shall consider its SOCIAL impact.

Wagestream has a social charter in our articles of association, designed in conjunction with our charity investors. At the forefront of all engagement should be the desire to be a strong cause for social good, in making it possible for workers to gain fast access to accrued earnings and improve financial wellbeing through other product offerings.

Wagestream shall avoid engaging with entities in the following industries or entities:

Consider our counterparts compliance with the Modern Slavery Act, supplier code of conduct and the Wagestream anti-slaver and human trafficking statement.


Wagestream is a technology-based business, with limited supply chain dependencies and a small environmental footprint. Nevertheless, Wagestream should strive to limit its impact on the environment and embrace sustainable practices where possible.

Our policy is to reduce the impact of the company’s operations on the environment through internal initiatives and training to raise employee awareness, whilst continually assessing and monitoring our environmental impact and performance as a company.

The goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness by:

Corporate Governance

Wagestream shall strive for honest and cooperative corporate relationships, implementing effective internal governance frameworks and compliance monitoring to ensure risk mitigation and to achieve the highest corporate governance standards.