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Christmas and New Year Financial Pressure greater than ever before

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  • The impact of phase one and phase two of lockdown on employees finances
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  • Building out effective financial support for your staff

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We all know that Christmas is a financially difficult time of year. The expectation to spend and increased incentives to borrow over the period all impact the financial wellbeing of your staff. 

This year, however, the effects of the outbreak and extended lockdown leading up to the Christmas period mean it could be the toughest yet. A potential early payday in December, puts workers on track for a difficult and financially drawn out January

Employers have the power to stop financial pressures from having a lasting impact and give their staff financial stability in time for Christmas. 


“Financial stability plays a huge role in our overall wellbeing and it can be incredibly stressful when things aren’t going right. As employers it’s up to us to make sure our people are supported financially.”

Bupa Operations Director, Rebecca Pearson


To understand the full impact of the pandemic and how to build an effective strategy, we’ve brought together a helpful infographic that you can share with your internal teams. 

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