The Great Hospitality Recovery

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Employee engagement

CIPD has highlighted that absenteeism, mental health, stress and job performance are all impacted by financial wellbeing. See the evidence in the report.

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Productivity and retention

By boosting staff financial wellbeing you can maximise productivity to make the most of the recovery period. Find out how in our report.

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Have you thought about Earned Wage Access?

Earned wage Access is already helping over 80,000 hospitality workers to track and access their wages as they are accrued.

86% have said that increased access and visibility has made them less stressed during the outbreak.

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How to re-open like Fuller's and Greene King

We're working with 100s of organisations to get them ready for re-opening

Dawn Browne

People & Talent Director

82% of users feel more positive about their employer for providing Wagestream

Return to work

“For us, the focus is helping people come back to work safely and securely. It’s not just about making it safe for our customers, it’s also about making sure our team are safe and supported.”

Sunaina Sethi

Operations Director

67% of users have felt more in control of their finances throughout furlough

Furlough impact

“Furlough, when they say it’s 80% of your normal earnings, in hospitality it’s your contracted pay and a lot of the time that’s not just what you take home at the end of the month because you would normally have service charge etc.”

Tim Painter

HR Director

A 5% increased in retention in the first 12 months as reported by Ipsos MORI

Retention and recruitment

“This is a real revolution in pay that’s already making it easer to recruit and retain staff.”

Andrew Bush

Chief People Officer

86% of users say they're less stressed during the pandemic through access to Wagestream

Financial Stress

“We know some have encountered real financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Wagestream will help to alleviate some of this financial stress by helping those affected meet unexpected expenses.”