Access to earned pay at any point

Employees can access up to 40% of their earned pay at any time, including the day before payday. There is no impact on your payroll process when employees access their pay throughout the pay period and their available balance is updated based on actual shifts worked.

Reduce reliance on credit and debt

Earned wage access is not credit: employees access their accrued wages at a fixed cost, reducing their reliance on loans and high-interest borrowing. The funds they can access are a portion of what they’ve actually earned to date: Earned Wage Access (EWA) is not a loan or borrowing and no interest is ever paid on funds accessed.

Smooth out fluctuations between pay periods

Access to earned wages allows employees with varying income to ensure cashflow problems do not impact their financial health. Hourly-paid staff especially have fluctuating earnings depending on shift patterns worked which makes budgeting difficult. Earned Wage Access (EWA) means that fluctuating earnings do not have to mean cashflow problems and can make longer-term financial planning much easier.

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