Full breakdown of earnings from worked and future shifts

Employees can track shifts worked throughout the month so they know exactly how much they’re owed, down to the penny. They can review historic earnings to ensure income is maintained at the right level.

Match spending with income to eliminate cashflow issues

Employees can view their banking transactions via secure Open Banking alongside their earnings from worked and future shifts.  This makes it easier to align their income and spending even when earnings fluctuate and what may be a sensible financial decision one month may not be the next month if their earnings are lower in that pay period.

Real-time countdown to the next expected payday

As well as tracking how much they can expect to get paid, employees can see at a glance when their next expected payroll will roll round. This is updated in real-time. When staff use this information in conjunction with their projected monthly earnings and their current bank balance (both of which are displayed clearly on screen), budgeting becomes much easier even when earnings fluctuate month-to-month.

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