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Wagestream is used by 300+ companies across the globe

Our customers operate in 10+ industries with different payroll setups. All want to improve financial wellbeing and organizational outcomes. Whatever industry or size of company you are, our market-leading financial wellbeing platform is available to you via different delivery methods.

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Why organisations choose Wagestream


of our users feel more positive about their employer because of Wagestream.


of our users say Wagestream makes them feel more in control of their money.


reduction in turnover for clients that offer Wagestream to their employees.

"I wish I’d had this in previous jobs! It’s really helped my financial well-being as a full time student, part time worker who relies on themselves. Thank you!"


Wagestream User

"I can plan and budget how much money I need to spend and how much money I have available and the rest of the money I can either treat myself or my family or I can save it."


Wagestream User

Join hundreds of organizations transforming financial wellbeing with Wagestream.