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Organizational impact with Wagestream

Wagestream’s own research found that companies advertising Wagestream as a benefit in their job adverts recruited 27% faster than those that didn’t.

Recruit faster

Use Wagestream within your benefits packages and on-job adverts to help attract and recruit new talent.

Reduce turnover

52% of employees say they are more likely to stay at their employer longer because they have access to Wagestream.

Financial Inclusion

1/3 of U.S. adults are financially excluded, which means they don’t have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs.

Group 1741-1
About 1/2 of all employees worry about money at work.
Group 1742-1
They’re worried they won’t have enough cash to pay their bills.
Group 1740-1
We know the feeling because we all worry about money sometimes.
Group 1739-1
Wagestream is a solution that can give you a business advantage.
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Wagestream offers customized programs for measurable business benefits, rejecting the set-it-and-forget-it financial wellbeing approach.

Easy Implementation

One size nearly never fits all, which is why we customized a full range of usage controls, alerts and reporting that you can access for your whole organization and individual employees.

We were up and running in 3 weeks

Lucy Jarvis, David Lloyd, HR Manager


Identify needs

Every organization and employee is different, so we start off by identifying the specific needs of you and your people.


Training & Communications

Your Client Success Manager will offer customized training to team leaders and admins during the process. They will also work with you to create a comms plan for a successful launch, which has a recommended adoption rate of 54% within 3 months.


Launch & review

Our team will create a personalized communications plan to make sure your have an impactful launch, and that you get the most from your new benefit.



We’ll measure the effectiveness of your financial wellbeing strategy and help you with reporting.

How it works?

Get up and running within 4 weeks or sooner – without changing your existing systems or cash flow. Simply tell us how you want Wagestream built for your workforce, we’ll take care of the rest!

Cashflow journey

Wagestream works seamlessly with 100% U.S. payroll providers. When an employee requests a transfer, the funds are drawn from Wagestream. That’s why there is no change to your company’s valuable cash flow.

WS – cashflow

Why your colleagues will love it

The Employer Guide to Financial Wellbeing

With 48% of people saying that money worries are a distraction at work, supporting the financial wellbeing of your workforce is not only good for your employees, it’s good for business.

Just like physical or mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing is a measure of your financial health and relationship with money.
Most of us simply want to feel a greater sense of financial security and have a bit more flexibility and control over our finances. That’s why we created Wagestream to give employees peace-of-mind that they’ll be okay when life just happens.


The five pillars to a successful
financial wellbeing program

Must be available to 100% of staff

Offering a financial wellbeing program can help break the negative credit cycle of financial exclusion for the 5.8 million financially excluded individuals who often need affordable credit options the most.

Must be available & accessible every day of the month

To prevent vulnerable individuals from resorting to payday lenders during their toughest financial period at the end of the month, an effective financial wellbeing program should be accessible every day of the month.

Must include independent financial education

Empowering employees to make the right decisions when it comes to their money can only be done through effective, independent financial education.

Doesn’t increase employee debt in any form

Encouraging debt shouldn’t be a part of a financial wellbeing strategy that is genuinely committed to improving the lives of employees. Loaning money won’t change behaviors or reduce financial stress.

Must promote good saving habits

How we feel about our money depends on the choices we make every day. Encouraging staff to make the right decisions and build good savings habits early on is the best way to help them feel better about their money, reduce workplace stress and get on well at work.

Everyone Benefits

Better financial wellbeing benefits everyone. If your organization wants to see improved recruitment, engagement, retention and productivity, we’d love to hear from you.