Financial wellbeing for every frontline worker

Empower your people through financial wellbeing management - built around pay, proven by data, backed by charities.

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Brad McGerald

A fairer financial world for your people

A complete financial wellbeing programme, in one app.

Financial wellbeing management

An end-to-end solution for your employees.

Flexible access to pay

Turn payroll into a force for good

Pay & spend tracking

Personal coaches, two taps away

Confidential guidance and goal-setting, 24/7

Simplified savings

Mission-driven, charity backed

The only financial wellbeing platform built by charities, proven by data and accountable for improving quality of life.

Built with charities

Founded by, and accountable to, leading social impact charities, with a binding social charter so we always focus on improving individual wellbeing.

Our social mission

Proven by data

We work with independent research partners to track and improve the impact of Wagestream on your organization.

Hear from Ipsos MORI

Accountable by design

Our social charter means we only build products that improve financial wellbeing and we measure the impact on your team's quality of life.

Our impact framework [PDF]

Your biggest challenges, solved

Our financial wellbeing app delivers business impact.

27% decrease in time-to-hire

Your biggest challenges, solved

“This is a real revolution in pay, making it easier to recruit staff.”

Tim Painter
HR Director

How Wagestream Works

“Before Wagestream it was a lot more stressful living day today, now it's a lot more relaxing, I find myself a lot more happy knowing that I've got that safety net there for when I need it."

Tonie, Wagestream user

Join hundreds of organizations transforming financial wellbeing with Wagestream.

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Founded and built with leading social impact organizations.

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