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Case study: How Honest Burgers use Wagestream to support value-based recruitment

Honest Burgers have an approach to recruitment that’s, well…. honest. They have very high standards when it comes to food and the customer experience – which is felt by anyone who eats there. But their internal culture is equally as strong and by making sure this is felt externally, Honest Burgers can attract the best talent in the market.

Download the case study to find out:

  • How Wagestream helps Honest Burgers offer what job-seekers look for in the modern world
  • The benefits of maintaining and nurturing an open talent pool – and the tactics used
  • How Honest Burgers maintains a feedback loop of constant improvement when it comes to internal culture and recruitment
  • How 88% of staff using Wagestream feel better about Honest Burgers as a result of having access to Wagestream

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